Vega X: Heavens Assassin The Sicilian Mix Cd

VX’s Third Mix CD concluded his mixtape trilogy with a grand finale feat. emcees from all over the world!

Track List
1. Amos The Ancient Prophet – Hellbound feat. Vega X
4. Die Now Konflikk and Denali of SOD feat Vega X of PXR prod. KONFLIKK
5. Underground Stranga The Great, Sicabod Flames, Katakist, Vega X
6. Transconfiguration Sick Since Vega X prod. SVC
7. Deadmen Walk Sinnister Stricken feat. GUERRILLA ALLIANCE prod Sinn Stricken
8. PARADIGM feat. elakwents prod. SVC
9. Guerrilla Alliance – The Rebellion (Revamped) prod. Decap
10. Domestic Terrorism feat. Absyrd (Prod. by Keko)
11. The Lyricist feat[1]. Guerrilla Alliance (Vega X and Macabean the Rebel) – Dark Alliance 3 (Death’s
12. Vega X feat. Frino of SPNS – Godfathers (Part 1) Prod. by Vee Eye Mixed by Mac Blaze
13. Vega X feat. Frino of SPNS – Godfathers (Part 1 Remix) Prod. and Mixed by Mac Blaze
14. Guerrilla Alliance – Forbidden History prod. Macabean for Militiaman Productions (Revamped)
15. Guerrilla Alliance feat. One Eleven – Assassin’s Creed prod Mizanthrope X
16. V for Vendetta ft. Aztech and Rook Da Rukus prod by SVC
17. Lord of Destruction by VEGA X prod. Iron Curtain
18. Warriorz – Sick Since, Rook Da Rukus, Vega X, Killah Rector, Dark Energy prod Yazz
19. FUNERAL ft. Empne Enterpraiz Vega-X Virus-One Jotaka Explicito Don EG EDO M-Dot

Relentless: Gritty Raw Intellect Vol. 2

Prelude to Relentless’ upcoming album on PXR “Dark Days: Age of Aquarius” LP coming soon on Planet X Records LLC

Track List
2.Real Drama prod by Big Therm
3.Relentless Attack
4.We back feat Illamental and Profess
5.Vivid Images
6.Gritty Raw
7.Grind to Get feat Profess
8.Eastwood Gat ft illamental and Oblivious
9.Do what I want
10.On the Run 2 prod Purpose
11.Hypothetical Love
12.2nd Tear feat Oblivious and P-Ro
13.Modern Babylon
14.Sandman feat Grimm and Sacrifice
15.I Lost Myself feat Conudrum prod
17.Stay Focused

Guerrilla Alliance: Vee Eye, Vega X, Mac The Rebel [A Legacy Of Chaos: The Lost Jewels] Mix Cd

A collection of earlier (and some new) Guerrilla Alliance material spanning from 2002-2009, also featuring original west coast group member Vee Eye. This mix CD is considered a prequel to the Guerrilla Alliance sophomore release “Empire of Fear”, featuring Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, and Rasul Allahu7 of LCOB coming summer 2011! REST IN PEACE VEE EYE FROM PXR!

Track List
2.I-Ching feat. Verbal Wor
3.Absolute – Snake Eaters
4.The Duo
5.Judas’ Redemption – Phenomenal
10.Dog Day Afternoon
11.Uncontrollable Dartz
12.Nuclear Winter
13.Gullotine feat. The Lyricist, and Sleez Da God
14.In the Hood
15.Ravenous Gratification
16.Wrath of Kings
17.The Arrival feat. El A Kwents
18.War Economy feat. El A Kwents
19.The Truth Is Out There feat. El A Kwents
20.WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) feat. El A Kwents
21.Battle of DC – ‘Fanboys Always Gotta Get Overly Trans Sexual In Hip Hop’ (Skit)
22.Jimmy Hoffa and Budd Dwyer

Vega X: The John Carpenter Mix CD

Planet X Records LLC presents “The John Carpenter Mix CD” Vega X’s first FREE download solo effort, intended as a prequel to VX and Amo’s “The Witch Hammer EP” Coming soon!

Track List
1. Vega X – Intro – JC Mix Cd (Prod. by Macabean the Rebel for Militiaman Productions)
2. Vega X – Planet At War (Blade Runner Remix) ft. Macabean the Rebel – JC Mix CD(Prod. by Macabean th
3. Vega X – The Decapitator ft. D-Cap – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Hellbound)
4. Vega X – Alliance Guerrillas feat. Macabean the Rebel, and Sleez Da God – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Zeps)
5. Vega X – Demonz in my Mind ft. D Tox and Schizo Da Maddcap – JC Mix CD (Prod. Macabean the Rebel fo
6. Vega X – Cell Taps ft. D Tox and Macabean the Rebel – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Macabean)
7. Vega X – Divine Invasion ft. Whichcraft – JC Mix CD (Prod. Macabean the Rebel for Militiaman Produc
8. Vega X – The Flying Black Giant – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Mizanthrope X for Planet X Empire [BMI])
9. Vega X – City of God ft. Macabean the Rebel and Keko – JC MIX CD (Prod. Macabean the Rebel for Mili
10. Vega X – The Visitors ft. Erks Orion, D-Cap, and Sharon – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Hellbound)
11. Vega X – Android Dreams – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Macabean the Rebe for Militiaman Productions)
12. Vega X ft. Macabean the Rebel – JC Mix CD – Escape from Earth (Prod. Macabean the Rebel for Militia
13. Vega X – White Rabbit ft. The Jotaka, Rob Rod, and GNZ – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Hellbound)
14. Vega X – Outro – JC Mix CD (Prod. by Macabean the Rebel for Militiaman Productions)
15. Guerrilla Alliance and Jotaka Perverse – Veritas (Prod. by Macabean)
16. Planet X Records Presents – Vee Eye 30 Min. Dedication Mix (192v)

Macabean The Rebel: Lost Cities And Vanishing Civilizations (3rd Mixtape)

Hardcore, Revolutionary, and Spiritual Hip-Hop that clicks you out the Matrix and into the Real World. Guerrilla Alliance – Guerrilla Warfare OUT NOW!

Track List
1. Intro – Marked for Termination (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
2. Dark City (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions)
3. El Desierto De Babylon feat. Erks Orion (Produced by Keko)
4. Connecting with the Dead feat. Vee Eye (Marco Polo Mix)
5. Anti-Heroes and Villains feat. Schizo Da Maddcap (Produced by 7th Galaxy)
6. Psuedo Intellectuals Remix (Produced by Vee Eye)
7. Soldado De la Revolucion (Prod. by Snak the Menace)
8. F-ck Where Ya’ll At Feat. Sleez (Nas Instro Mix)
9. Lyrical Guerrilla Tactics (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions)
10. The Book of Eli feat. Vega X (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions) LCVC
11. Mac the Ripper (prod. by 8bza)
12. Wake Up (Original) (Prod. by Keko)
13. Inside the Heart of Darkness ft. Det the Bomb, J-Mega, and Lone One
14. Tracebook (Produced by Seth Chaos)
15. War Territory feat. Sharon (Inner Vibe Sound Mix)
16. A History of War and Violence (Produced by 7th Galaxy)
17. The Cycle of Treachery ft. D’zyl, Schizo the Maddcap (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
18. Beyond Oblivion – Outro feat. The Lyricist (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)

Vee Eye (V.I.) 420: The Chronicles Of Vince Price

Namebrand/Planet X Records artist/producer/and co-founder, Vee Eye (V.I.) has left a legacy of hard work and grafted his legendary status as one of the greatest West Coast emcees/producers to grace the mic. This Free Mix CD is part of his body of work. Named 420, for its release date and it’s representation of the ‘type of music to get high to when listening’. This is his one of his truest, and last dedication project. Anything else duplicated, replicated, or unauthorized is purely fraudulent (READ THE BACK COVER DISCLAIMER).Rest In Paradise to Vincent John Sotelo, a.k.a. Vee Eye (V.I.) a.k.a. V.I.N.C.

Track List
1. Mobb Life (DJ Premier Intro)
2. 3 Clips
3. It’s Goin Down ft. P Double
4. Violence
5. Phrictional Frat
6. Hi Powered Mercenariez ft. Assassin
7. Duck Down (V.I.)
8. Don’t Say Shit
9. Verbal Shellshock ft. Absyrd
10. Get That Dough
11. Coo Coo
12. 805 Shit
13. Change ft. Duce Luciano
14. 3 Amigos (3 Beats)
15. Bounce Em Up
16. One Night Stand
17. Out the Trunk ft. Duce Luciano
18. G-Men
19. Valentine’s Day Massacre
20. We Got It ft. Duce Luciano
21. Listen Up
22. Conjoined
23. Reppin’
24. Listen Up (Remix)