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Guerrilla Alliance

Guerrilla Alliance consists of members VX: Heaven’s Assassin aka Vega X, and Macabean the Rebel. Since their first Collaboration in 2003, VX and Mac have continued to collaborate through out the years, and have shared a unique style of rhyming that compliments each others skill. Which soon gave the duo the idea to strike together as name branded Guerrilla Alliance! GA is the showing means of bringing Raw Spiritual/Revolutionary hip-hop to the ones hungry to feed the psychosis and grit of ones third eye. In 2011 we released the single to our sophomore LP “Empire of Fear” titled “Ordo Ab Chao” feat. Canibus & DJ Tone Spliff, and Prod. by Domingo. THE DARK RIFT IS OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!

Mac The Rebel

Emcee/Producer/Audio Engineer/Graphics Designer of Planet X Records.

Mac the Rebel, a Bronx NYC Native, now a resident of Wilmington, DE, grew up around the Hip-Hop scene since his youth, has been inspired alot from Emceeing, to Graffiti Art, and so on. Besides his lyrical skill, he also brings his grit into the production field, which he is also best known for with his Green Dog Studios imprint (formerly Militiaman Productions), which was created in 2004. He has worked on many underground projects in the past, but the project that gave further recognition for his mic skills and producing talents was on his first pressed release “Werdz from the Rebel Part 2” released in 2008. It was also known as PXR’s first pressed album release. With a little extra help, it had sold 200 copies below and within the Tri-state area, plus internationally. Soon with the collaboration of long-time ally VX: Heaven’s Assassin, forming the Hip-Hop duo Guerrilla Alliance, the realization of his talents have been pushed further towards the boundary to make music he always wanted to make. He has worked with Canibus, Sean Price (R.I.P.), Pace Won (of the Outsidaz), Killah Priest, Chief Kamachi, Shabaam Sahdeeq (Rawkus Records), producer Domingo, and more! He has released 2 pressed albums (Werdz from the Rebel Pt.2 (2008), F.E.M.A. (2015)), with a new one on the way 2019! He also released 4 mix-tapes (“Mac Blaze Killed the Radio Star” (2003), “Livelihood: Before the Rebel” (2005),  “Lost Cities and Vanishing Civilizations” (2010), and his most recent work “The Forgotten Kidz of America” (2019)), plus 3 Studio Albums recorded (as Guerrilla Alliance with VX: Heaven’s Assassin; Guerrilla Warfare, Empire of Fear, and The Dark Rift (2010-2017)) He has done Music Videos, Interviews, and made rap show appearances from East to West of the US, and produced for many up and coming artists. Check for Macabean’s music on, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and more.

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Twitter: @MacTheRebelPXR
Instagram: @MacTheRebelPXR

VX: Heaven’s Assassin

VX is considered to be the first spiritual MC out of New England by many. With a style imitated but never replicated. Now widely known, for collaboration with underground power house artists such as Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul & Richard Raw of the Lost Children of Babylon, The Holocaust, Shabazz The Disciple, Planetary of Outerspace and more! With over five mixtape releases, two EPs, and finally his solo LP Planet X Records LLC has been able to get the name out to many music fans. His group Guerrilla Alliance would go on to have several releases including “Guerrilla Warfare,” “Empire of Fear,” and a few mixtapes as well. VX Has competed in Grindtime Now, the world’s largest battle league, as well as New England’s Shark Tank Battle Grounds. Look for VX and PXR on itunes, youtube, Pandora and more!



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