Star Metal feat. Chino XL & Tone Spliff (The Dark Rift LP) Guerrilla Alliance / PXR

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Polar Opposites Mix CD

“Polar Opposites” is a PXR Mix Compilation ft. Various Artist of the PXR Roster. It is a spiritual sequel to the previous “Dimension X: 2012”. “Polar “Opposites” tackles the ‘Yin-Yang’ concept, total opposites of Light and Dark Sound combining as one Spiritual Revolutionary resonance. Some of these tracks you’ll love, yet some will hate what they are about, but that’s the beauty of this project. Album features all the PXR Camp: VX: Heaven’s Assassin (Guerrilla Alliance), Mac The Rebel (Guerrilla Alliance), El*A*Kwents, Alphabetik, & Irrefutable. Along with other Guest Appearences!


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Oath of the Sentinel (MC Therapist feat. VX: Heaven’s Assassin) (Socialized Anxiety LP)

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