New VX track feat. Mac the Rebel & Irrefutable (PXR Austrailia) Land of the Guardians Prod. Krohme!

Land of the Guardians the second leak off of “Tablet of Destinies: Secrets of the Multiverse” feat. Mac the Rebel of Guerrilla Alliance & Irrefutable prod. Krohme! SUBSCRIBE!

"The Gospel of Judas" CRAZY Personal Jon Regul Diss!

After years of being stalked by 35 yr old suburban internet nerd rapper “Jon Regul” and being threatened by him online with his cop neighbor, VX of PXR Sheds Some light on the situation. This is what happens to you when you stalk someone online for 4 yrs straight, and through out the duration your “so called friends” talk shit about you the whole time! ENJOY! The “Hobo with a Machete” Mix CD is dropping soon EVERYWHERE!

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