Scimitar feat. Highdro (NV) & Richard Raw aka Tehutimos (Formerly of LCOB) prod. Macabean the Rebel (Empire of Fear) LP

Black Earth feat. Rasul Allah7 From LCOB! prod Amos the Ancient Prophet

SCIMITAR feat. Highdro & Richard Raw aka Tehutimos prod. Macabean the Rebel!

by SKAM2?
by SKAM2?

Eye 4 An Eye feat. Block McCloud & Tone Spliff AND the EMPIRE OF FEAR LP Cover art by Skam2?

Eye For An Eye ft. Block McCloud & DJ Tone Spliff out now on the PXR Tube!

by SKAM2?
by SKAM2?

The Empire of Fear LP cover is now complete by legendary East Coast graffiti artist SKAM2? !

Irrefutable solo Lp trilogy OUT NOW!

The Anarchist Reader Ep Trilogy
includes all the tracks from the three eps Shadow In The Woods ,Black Bloc and Projekt Mayhem including the bonus tracks… a couple of the tracks from the earliest of the eps(shadow in the woods) have been reduxed to gain better quality and mastering…

28 tracks long with 3 segments of narration by proph murph to introduce the chapters totaling a 79.something minute run time…

Track List
Chapter 1 : Shadow In The Woods
1. Language Of The Damned(Violence) Ft DJ1Mic – Prod. MétroPol Production
2. Assassinz Of Kings w/JKrazy Ft Needles – Prod Coney Island Records
3. Urban Guerrilla Monkey Wrencher – Prod MétroPol
4. Verbal Terrorism Ft Hazmat – Prod. Dion
5. Anarchists In Black w JKrazy as The Cult of Reason(3rd Chambah Rmx)
6. Shadow In The Woods Ft & Prod. DJ Joon
7. Death Of A BobbleHeaded Hipster(Jskeen Diss) – Prod. MétroPol Production*
8. Earthly Hell Ft Lokwan – Prod. Luka Beatz*
9. Myth Of Progress Ft Kogeemo – Prod. KO35H32
10. Language Of The Damned(Alter Cutz) Ft DJ Joon – Prod. MétroPol Production

Chapter 2 : Black Bloc
11. Green Anarchy Ft & Prod. Rizoma….
12. Black Bloc Ft Needles – Prod. Push Beats…
13. HypnoBox SleepShop Ft Joe Dirt – Prod Luka..
14. Anarchist Cookbook Sabotage – Prod. Luka…
15. No Fate – Prod Green Dutch..
16. Skynet – Prod Luka…
17. Teknocrats w/ El*A*Kwents (Skull Damage RMX)
18. Myth Of Progress Ft Kogeemo(3rd Chambah RMX)…
19. Silicone Babies – Prod. Green Dutch[Bonus Track]

Chapter 3 : Projekt Mayhem
20. Ground Zero – KO35H32
21. Societal Conditioning Ft & Prod Rizoma…
22. Product Of The Environment – Prod. Green Dutch…
23. State Corporation Systematic Exploitation – Prod. KO35H32…
24. Gray State – Prod. Green Dutch…
25. Pop Culture Psych War(3rd Chambah RMX)…
26. Propaganda Of The Deed Ft DJ Joon – Prod. MetroPol Production
27. Removing The Blindfolds Ft Skull Damage(3rd Chambah RMX) …
28. Wage Slavez Ft Jmac – Prod Luka/Leo B Dope [Unreleased Bonus]

and the price is $15 + 10 for shipping outside of Australia

Planet X Records LLC 2013

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Interview with HELL RAZAH of Sunz of Man sunday feb. 10th 4-7pm EST

Just wanted to update everyone that we will have HELL RAZAH live in the PXR mothership SUNDAY Feb 10th from 4-7pm EST! Feel free to send us questions for him or join us live for the show, and ask in the chat room!

hell razah