Rappers Blow Manhattan Project Wide Open by the Megaton!

El*A*Kwents – Manhattan Project featuring Alphabetik, Irrefutable, and VX: Heaven’s Assassin of Planet X Records LLC [Production Credits: Ocir Madsol Eno & Integrals]

Off the new El*A*Kwents Album – A Human Becoming, In-Stores Autumn 2014




Mac The Rebel's New Album "F.E.M.A." COMING SOON in SEPTEMBER! (Spartan brawl single feat. SEAN PRICE & VX!)

Mac the Rebel (1/2 of Guerrilla Alliance) has a new solo project ready to be unleashed known as F.E.M.A. (a backronym  for Fear of Evacuation into a Merciless Apocalypse). Unlike his other solo projects, this one will be a conceptual album told in a story format. Artists featured on this album will be Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik, and Random Axe), Shabaam Sahdaaq, DJ Tone Spliff, True God Immortal, Sick Since (Digital Release Only), VX: Heaven’s Assassin (of Guerrilla Alliance), El*A*Kwents and many more! Digital Release will have 3 Bonus Tracks and will be released in September, while the Hard Copies will be released in October. To PRE-ORDER, contact Mac the Rebel or VX @ macblaze@gmail.com (Mac), or vegaxterror@yahoo.com (VX), or contact us on Twitter – @MacabeanMMBeats , @VXPlanetXPXR . Get Ready for Audio Cinematic Murder!

Tablet of Destiny LP intro track single & LP cover released!

Tablet of Destiny LP COMING SOON! VX of PXR’s 3rd and final solo project!