Peace from Resistance of PX Radio

Yo what’s good all. Its Resistance here from PXR & I help run PX Radio along with Vega X.

I first met Vega X, Macabean the Rebel, and EL A Kwents through my DIY radio work which promotes unity between hardcore punk & UG Hip Hop music.

This led to the formation of PX Radio that focuses on topics such as UG Hip Hop, spirituality, politics, movies, history, independent media, punk/hc, and much more!

PX Radio broadcasts every Sunday from our site @ 4pm-7pm Eastern (US) hosted by myself & Vega X.  Macabean the Rebel is also a regular co-host and guest on PX Radio.

If you are interested in an interview on PX Radio or feel that you can join the team then contact


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Donate to "Gray State" Movie, DIY/Indepedent Revolutionary film and help us get it made now!

Check out the EPIC indie film project from Writer/ Director David Crowley “Gray State” Movie. It deals will a lot of the concepts covered in music by Guerrilla Alliance and PXR, such as economic collapse, survival ect! Donate to the film now on the indiegogo page, and get epic perks! Also follow them on twitter, and like the concept trailler on youtube! This film needs to get out to as many people as possible to help understand a possible future we could be facing post 2012!

Relentless "Dark Days: Age Of Aquarius" now available for sale on

Dark Days is a follow up to a previously released vinyl project, and offers spiritual boom-bap from a Boston veteran. Featuring local artists such as Tragic Allies this is sure to be a big hit with New England fans.

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Order the VX solo LP "Global Warming: Reign of Terror" on now!

Pre Order my SOLO LP ON UGHH.COM FEAT. Planetary of Outerspace, The Holocaust, Shabazz the Disciple, Rasul of LCOB, ATMA, Sick Since, Rage 617, Aztech & Dj Reel Drama,     Macabean The Rebel, The Jotaka, SPNS, Semantix, prod. Amos the Ancient Prophet, Vee Eye

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PXR President Update 4 (New LPs, Roster, T-Shirts)

Global Warming: Reign of Terorr/Empire of Fear LPs both coming soon plus and exclusive FREE Guerrilla Alliance mix CD. GA/PXR

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PXR Update / New Releases

Another PXR President update is coming soon discussing new releases and the official PXR Roster to clear up any misconceptions for the fans!

The Next OFFICIAL PXR Releases will be:

Xibalba Be: The Reincarnation Mix CD (Guerrilla Alliance FREE on COMING SOON!

Global Warming: Reign of Terror LP feat. Shabazz the Disciple, The Holocaust, Planetary (Outerspace/AOTP), Rasul Allah7 of LCOB, ATMA, Sick Since, Aztech, Macabean the Rebel, Rage 617, The Jotaka, Amos the Ancient Prophet. (Vega X)

Empire of Fear LP feat. Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul Allah7, Sick Since, Mane Azeem, Highdro, EL*A*KWENTS, Relentless, Rage 617, The Jotaka, Stranga the Great.

with Production from: Ancient Productions (Amos the Ancient Prophet) Militiaman Productions (Macabean The Rebel) and Domingo

Official PXR Roster:
Guerrilla Alliance
VX: Heaven’s Assassin (Vega X)
Macabean The Rebel
EL*A*KWENTS (PXR debut project coming 2012)

Relentless – DARK DAYS: AGE OF AQUARIUS Pre-Release Show ft. PXR + Pandora

FRIDAY, December 16th @ MY HOUSE BAR in Quincy, MA , PXR emcee Recording Artist, Relentless starts off a Pre-Release show of his newest album, Dark Days: Age of Aquarius. Acts feat. Guerrilla Alliance (Vega X and Macabean) , Rage617, d.Tox, El*A*Kwents, and more! Full Release Party will be held on Sunday Dec 18th @ SPOTLIGHT TAVERN in Beverly, MA – For more details. please check out Relentless’ Facebook @ this link:


ALSO, Guerrilla Alliance’s GUERRILLA WARFARE album is now found on Pandora!
Pandora is a Internet/Satellite Radio Program playing a large range of popular and independent music that can be heard Online on your PC, or downloaded as an application to your Android and/or iPhone. Search Keyword : Guerrilla Alliance

Check out the upcoming new indie horror film "CULT" Co-produced by VEGA X CEO OF PXR LLC!

Vega X the C.E.O of Planet X Records LLC is glad to announce he is co-producing a new england based indie cult film titled “CULT”

Check out the Red Market Films site in the links section!

Also contact us on twitter:

@Kevinklausman – Writer/Director

@Sean_Cough – Producer / Camera Op.

@VXCEOofPXR – Producer/ CEO of Planet X Records LLC

@MacabeanMMBEATS – Sr. VP of PXR LLC & Associate producer of “CULT”

If you want to donate contact any of us and we can send you to the right place!

We are pumped up about the making of this film, and will have more updates on it coming soon!