PX Radio – Looking for guests

What up all. We are still searching for guests for season 2 of PX Radio.

We are always interested in hearing from those involved in areas such as underground music, history, art, movies, politics, and spirituality.

If you would like to appear on PX radio then please contact: resistancediy@yahoo.co.uk

PX Radio now live with drummer from Triangle Fire

PX Radio now live with the drummer from Crust/HC Punk band Triangle Fire on today on PX Radio! Join us from 4pm-7pm Eastern (US)/5pm-8pm South America (Bra)/9pm-12am UK/10pm-1am Euro/12am-3am Russia/5am-8am Austrailia (West Coast).

It will be an engaging show discussing punk/hc music, politics, social issues & much more!

Listen @




Triangle Fire

PX Radio Season 2 Episode 1 (Download) – AWA & Kevin (Friendburst)

PX Radio season 2 episode 1 – Angelica Wandering Angel (Poet/Vocalist/Artist) & Kevin (Founder/Creator/CEO of Friendburst)

PX Radio season 2 got off to a great start with an entertaining & engaging show featuring Angelia Wandering Angel who is a spoken word poet/gothic vocalist, and artist. Our second guest was the founder/creator and CEO of new social networking site ‘Friendburst’.

Topics included social networking, mass media, music, society, & much more!

PX Radio – 12.01.13 AWA & Kevin (Friendburst) – Download

Angelica Wandering Angel


Planet X Radio Interview with David Crowley the writer / Director of "Gray State"

Audio file download also available on Res’ Ungov blog!

Want to join Planet X Radio?

Planet X Records are seeking people interested in joining the team who would like to do their own talk show or underground/independent music show.

All you need is a mic, SAM broadcaster, and a spare 2hrs or more a week to do a show. If its a music show you wish to do then please have a sufficient library to cover your chosen styles.

Talk Radio
Music reviews, interviews, movies reviews, permaculture, history, politics, or if you see something not listed then contact us & ask!

Music Shows
We are an UG Hip Hop label & we also feature UG punk/hardcore on PX Radio so we are very open minded regarding music.

If its underground & independent music then its cool with PXR.

UG Hip Hop
UG Punk/HC
UG Metal
Anything UG


More information & F.A.Q.s then visit: http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/p/want-to-join-px-radio.html



Peace from Resistance of PX Radio

Yo what’s good all. Its Resistance here from PXR & I help run PX Radio along with Vega X.

I first met Vega X, Macabean the Rebel, and EL A Kwents through my DIY radio work which promotes unity between hardcore punk & UG Hip Hop music.

This led to the formation of PX Radio that focuses on topics such as UG Hip Hop, spirituality, politics, movies, history, independent media, punk/hc, and much more!

PX Radio broadcasts every Sunday from our site @ 4pm-7pm Eastern (US) hosted by myself & Vega X.  Macabean the Rebel is also a regular co-host and guest on PX Radio.

If you are interested in an interview on PX Radio or feel that you can join the team then contact resistancediy@yahoo.co.uk


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Donate to "Gray State" Movie, DIY/Indepedent Revolutionary film and help us get it made now!

Check out the EPIC indie film project from Writer/ Director David Crowley “Gray State” Movie. It deals will a lot of the concepts covered in music by Guerrilla Alliance and PXR, such as economic collapse, survival ect! Donate to the film now on the indiegogo page, and get epic perks! Also follow them on twitter, and like the concept trailler on youtube! This film needs to get out to as many people as possible to help understand a possible future we could be facing post 2012!