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The New World Disorder LP – MC Therapist Worldwide Release out now!


MC Therapist has hardcore delivery, and deep metaphorical wordplay essential to any underground MC. He has heavy punchline verses, dope melodic hooks, and hardcore boombap beats. On “No Secret” he declares Hip-hop cultures ressurection. Much like “The Antidote” where he delivers a full frontal assault on the mainstream. Highlighting the difference between the underground’s actual content vs mainstream pop mind control. “The Great Regret” has a fire beat, and Therapist flows perfectly on it. As a former graffiti artist, he has several DJ features on the album displaying the full elements of hip-hop. The album is dope, check out “MC Therapist” music video singles on youtube!


The New World Disorder – by MC Therapist of PXR Philly chapter is out now globally on all digital markets. Hardcopies are coming soon!


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