Mac The Rebel’s “American Villain” LP Interview Live This Sunday On Ancient Visionz!


We will be discussing Mac’s new album feat Sean Price & Pacewon as well as all things PXR related!

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Interview with Mac The Rebel starts @: 5-7pm EST/2-4pm PST/10pm-12am UK.

Where: Ancient Visionz YouTube

When: Sunday, 4th August, 2019.

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“EMPIRE OF FEAR” LP is back online after a slight sample snag. Sorry to anyone who attempted to stream or purchase the album the last feel weeks. Stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube ect.

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The New World Disorder: MC Therapist

Revolutionary activist conscious aggressive hardcore graffiti influenced boom-bap hip-hop. MC Therapist is the full spectrum of the emcee art form. M.C. Therapist is a Philadelphia native graffiti writer/animal rights enthusiast on a mission to inspire the masses to think for themselves and to find spiritual grounding in the midst of chaotic and materialistically corrupted society.

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The New World Disorder MC Therapist

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1 2:38
2 4:08
3 2:54
4 3:34
5 3:19
6 3:48
7 3:40
8 3:47
9 4:48
10 2:27
11 3:30
12 3:23
13 3:08
14 3:05
15 2:38
16 3:37

F.E.M.A – Mac the Rebel

“Album is ‘Supreme’ as expected yo. Peace to Guerrilla Alliance. Much respect and thanks to Macabean The Rebel and Vega X for continuously dropping ill material, keeping this what’s it’s supposed to be yo. Hip-Hop in the purest form! Looking forward to the next Guerrilla Alliance album, as well as more solos.”

F.E.M.A LP out now! Available on iTunes

The Cosmic Code – Celestial Order (VX & EL*A*KWENTS)

This EP is a next level reflection on the spiritual ascendancy of human consciousness post 2012 due to the galactic shift of Earth’s galaxy. Free your mind on this lyrical journey through the stars! It was a long time coming!

Available on CD Baby

The Celestial Order: The Cosmic Code EP
1). Gate of the Sun (Intro) Prod. Elakwents
2). War of the Damned feat. Macabean the Rebel prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet
3). Weapons of Mass Creation feat. Det The Bomb prod. Macabean The Rebel
4). Gods of the Golden Tears Feat. The Jotaka & Alphabetik Prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet
5). Cosmic Consciousness Feat. Irrefutable Prod. Macabean The Rebel
6). The God Particle prod. Macabean the Rebel
7). The Cosmic Code (Outro) Prod Elakwents

Executive Producers: VX: Heaven’s Assassin & El*A*KWENTS

Co-produced by Mac the Rebel

Copyright Planet X Records LLC / Planet X Empire BMI


Guerrilla Alliance: Empire of Fear LP Single

Empire Of Fear LP The highly anticipated sophomore release from PXR’s flagship artists. Cover art by SKAM2?, features from Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, LCOB, Lone Ninja, and the last official posthumous verse from original west coast member Vee Eye who produced 4 tracks on the LP (R.I.P). Cuts by DJ Tone Spliff, Guerrilla Alliance expands on their philosophy since “Guerrilla Warfare”, and displays a more personal perspective of their style.
Track Listing & Audio.

Guerrilla Alliance: Empire of Fear (feat. Canibus & DJ Tone Spliff)

Vega X – Global Warming: Reign of Terror 2.0

Buy my SOLO LP on UGHH.COM Feat. Planetary of Outerspace, The Holocaust, Shabazz the Disciple, Rasul of LCOB, ATMA, Sick Since, Rage 617, Aztech & Dj Reel Drama, Macabean The Rebel, The Jotaka, SPNS, Semantix, prod. Amos the Ancient Prophet, Vee Eye.

Track List1. Heaven’s Assassin Intro
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)2. Global Warming
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet3. The Martian Chronicles
featuring Holocaust (aka Robot Tank)
Producer: Mizanthrope X4. Chamber of Immortals
featuring ATMA; Sick Since (of Lost Children Of Babylon)
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet5. Desert Storm
featuring The Jotaka; Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)6. The Spear of Destiny
featuring Sick Since (of Lost Children Of Babylon); Aztech; DJ Reel Drama
Producer: Mizanthrope X

7. The Angel Scroll
featuring Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)
Producer: Vee Eye

8. The Warz of Godz and Men
featuring Rasul Allah (of Lost Children Of Babylon); ATMA
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet

9. Sacrificio
featuring SPNS
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)

10. Apocalypse of Darkness
featuring Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)

11. The Prophecy (Children of Men Mix)
featuring Shabazz The Disciple; Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)

12. Reign of Terror
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet

13. Golgotha
featuring Rage 617; Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)
Producer: Macabean The Rebel (of Guerrilla Alliance)

14. Graveyard of Empires
featuring Planetary (of Outerspace); DJ Extemidiz
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet

15. Self Truth
featuring Semantix Tha Sorcera; Lokjaw; Marvelous Dark
Producer: Semantix Tha Sorcera

16. Killuminati
featuring Sick Since (of Lost Children Of Babylon); El*A*Kwents
Producer: Amos The Ancient Prophet

Relentless, Dark Days: Age Of Aquarius

Dark Days is a follow up to a previously released vinyl project, and offers spiritual boom-bap from a Boston veteran. Featuring local artists such as Tragic Allies this is sure to be a big hit with New England fans. Look out for Glory Days coming soon!


1. Dark Days (Intro)
Producer: Relentless

2. Dark Days
Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)

3. It’s Real
Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)

4. Amazing Grace
featuring Illmental
Producer: Big Thurm

5. So Many Lost
Producer: Relentless

6. Conspirators
featuring Halfabrick; Grimm
Producer: Relentless

7. Smile When I’m Blue
Producer: Relentless

8. Vizionz Of A Soldier
featuring Tragic Allies
Producer: Relentless

9. Brink Of Destruction
featuring Illamental
Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)

10. Seen It All
Producer: Relentless

11. I Come Bearing
Producer: Relentless

12. I Had Enough
Producer: Purpose (of Tragic Allies)

13. Outro
Producer: Relentless