Book Planet X Records artists on the east coast, or other US/ Canada dates and Europe!

Book: VX: Heaven’s Assassin the PXR Owner for a Rap Battle or a Live peformance in the USA/Canada or Europe / Worldwide!

E: VegaXTerror@yahoo.com or @VXPlanetXPXR on IG!

Live Rap battle: That VX brought “Hell Razah” of Wu-tang’s Sunz of man to!

Book Guerrilla Alliance in the USA or Europe for a live performance!

Guerrilla Alliance released “Guerrilla Warfare” LP in 2010 which featured Shabazz the Disciple, The Holocaust, Armageddon of Terror Squad, Solomon Childs and more. They then followed that up with “Empire of Fear” LP featuring Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul & Rich Raw of the Lost Children of babylon and more. Look out for our 3rd release: “The Dark Rift” LP which features Ill Bill, Killah Priest, Chino XL, 9Th Prince of Killarmy and more! Book G.A. of PXR for live shows in the North-east coast of the US/ Canada and more!

Guerrilla Alliance has performed in Boston, Las Vegas, New Jersey and more!

“Warpath of the Archons” feat. Ill Bill on La Coka Nostra / Nonphixion!

“Sacrificial Chamber” feat. Killah Priest of Wu-Tang “Sunz of Man”

“Omerta” music video from “Empire of Fear” LP

VX & MC Therapist of PXR

Booking Emails: MCofTherapy1@Gmail.com or VegaXTerror@yahoo.com

VX & MC Therapist (group name “The Sentinels” Have been touring Canada, Europe, and the US for the past couple years, MC Therapist (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PXR Artist) is releasing “Socialized Anxiety” soon, as well as a follow up Sentinels EP. We are now booking shows for the PXR Dark Rift/Socialized Anxiety tour on the East coast US/Canada and beyond.

VX: Heaven’s Assassin & MC Therapist Tour Footage with MadChild in Canada!

MC Therapist “Brutal for you’re ears” Live

“Oath of the Sentinel” feat. & Directed by VX edited by Loyal Music video shot while on tour in Oslo / Kristiansand Norway in Europe

Book Celestial Order for dates in New England / or east coast Canada:

Booking email: VegaXTerror@yahoo.com or ElakwentsBooking@Spiritualhiphop.info


VX & Elakwents of the Celestial Order have been performing live in New England for over a decade. Both artists have several solo releases featuring each other, and as a collaboration effort released “The Cosmic Code” EP in 2013. We bring energy, knowledge through our music, and real hip-hop to the stage. Prepare to take your mind to the next level with a Celestial Order live performance.

Celestial Order EP “The Cosmic Code” out now on itunes:

Listen here:

Celestial Order performing live set here:

About Planet X Records:

We are an independent label with over ten releases that can be found on itunes, and all digital media outlets. We also have hard copies of many of our projects, and merchandise including T-shirts, Beanies, CDs, Posters, stickers, flyers, and more.

We have 1000+ followers on twitter, 1300+ subscribers on youtube, and do most of our promotion through our official website. Our artists have performed on both coasts of the united states, Canada, and Europe so far. We are looking to expand our brand as far and wide as possible.