Guerrilla Alliance: Guerrilla Warfare

The controversial debut release from Planet X Record’s CEO and VP, the album is an epic documentary style look at the shadowy conspiracy under world simultaneously blended with street spiritual underground east coast revolutionary hip-hop.

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1). Guerrilla Instincts prod. Macabean

2) School of Assassins

3). Wrath of Kings feat. V.I. and prod. By V.I.

4). Sodom and Gomorrah feat. EL*A*KWENTS prod. By Macabean

5) Architecture of a Perfect Weapon prod. By Macabean

6). Sick Man of Asia Prod. By SVC

7). Guerrilla Warfare feat. Solomon Childs

8). Inglorious Basterds prod. by Macabean

9). Audubon Ballroom feat. Stranga the Great prod. By Mr. Giva and The Muted Menace

10). Systematic Genocide feat. Schizo Da Maddcapp Prod. Macabean

11). Mark of the Beast feat. G.I. .45 (Boston George) prod. By Cosmo

12). The Hidden Fortress feat The Holocaust aka Robot Tank

13). Revelationz feat. Armageddon prod. By Macabean

14). The Prophecy feat. Shabazz The Disciple prod. By Macabean

15). Nightmare Portal feat. Rook Da Rukus prod. By Macabean

16).THE LOST SYMBOL feat. Stranga, Aztech, Schizo, and Lone1 THE PXR PRAETORZ prod. By V.I.