Guerrilla Alliance: Vee Eye, Vega X, Mac The Rebel [A Legacy Of Chaos: The Lost Jewels] Mix Cd

A collection of earlier (and some new) Guerrilla Alliance material spanning from 2002-2009, also featuring original west coast group member Vee Eye. This mix CD is considered a prequel to the Guerrilla Alliance sophomore release “Empire of Fear”, featuring Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, and Rasul Allahu7 of LCOB coming summer 2011! REST IN PEACE VEE EYE FROM PXR!

Track List
2.I-Ching feat. Verbal Wor
3.Absolute – Snake Eaters
4.The Duo
5.Judas’ Redemption – Phenomenal
10.Dog Day Afternoon
11.Uncontrollable Dartz
12.Nuclear Winter
13.Gullotine feat. The Lyricist, and Sleez Da God
14.In the Hood
15.Ravenous Gratification
16.Wrath of Kings
17.The Arrival feat. El A Kwents
18.War Economy feat. El A Kwents
19.The Truth Is Out There feat. El A Kwents
20.WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) feat. El A Kwents
21.Battle of DC – ‘Fanboys Always Gotta Get Overly Trans Sexual In Hip Hop’ (Skit)
22.Jimmy Hoffa and Budd Dwyer