Macabean The Rebel: Lost Cities And Vanishing Civilizations (3rd Mixtape)

Hardcore, Revolutionary, and Spiritual Hip-Hop that clicks you out the Matrix and into the Real World. Guerrilla Alliance – Guerrilla Warfare OUT NOW!

Track List
1. Intro – Marked for Termination (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
2. Dark City (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions)
3. El Desierto De Babylon feat. Erks Orion (Produced by Keko)
4. Connecting with the Dead feat. Vee Eye (Marco Polo Mix)
5. Anti-Heroes and Villains feat. Schizo Da Maddcap (Produced by 7th Galaxy)
6. Psuedo Intellectuals Remix (Produced by Vee Eye)
7. Soldado De la Revolucion (Prod. by Snak the Menace)
8. F-ck Where Ya’ll At Feat. Sleez (Nas Instro Mix)
9. Lyrical Guerrilla Tactics (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions)
10. The Book of Eli feat. Vega X (Produced by Macabean for Militiaman Productions) LCVC
11. Mac the Ripper (prod. by 8bza)
12. Wake Up (Original) (Prod. by Keko)
13. Inside the Heart of Darkness ft. Det the Bomb, J-Mega, and Lone One
14. Tracebook (Produced by Seth Chaos)
15. War Territory feat. Sharon (Inner Vibe Sound Mix)
16. A History of War and Violence (Produced by 7th Galaxy)
17. The Cycle of Treachery ft. D’zyl, Schizo the Maddcap (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
18. Beyond Oblivion – Outro feat. The Lyricist (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)