Peace from Resistance of PX Radio

Yo what’s good all. Its Resistance here from PXR & I help run PX Radio along with Vega X.

I first met Vega X, Macabean the Rebel, and EL A Kwents through my DIY radio work which promotes unity between hardcore punk & UG Hip Hop music.

This led to the formation of PX Radio that focuses on topics such as UG Hip Hop, spirituality, politics, movies, history, independent media, punk/hc, and much more!

PX Radio broadcasts every Sunday from our site @ 4pm-7pm Eastern (US) hosted by myself & Vega X.  Macabean the Rebel is also a regular co-host and guest on PX Radio.

If you are interested in an interview on PX Radio or feel that you can join the team then contact


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