PXR Update / New Releases

Another PXR President update is coming soon discussing new releases and the official PXR Roster to clear up any misconceptions for the fans!

The Next OFFICIAL PXR Releases will be:

Xibalba Be: The Reincarnation Mix CD (Guerrilla Alliance FREE on datpiff.com) COMING SOON!

Global Warming: Reign of Terror LP feat. Shabazz the Disciple, The Holocaust, Planetary (Outerspace/AOTP), Rasul Allah7 of LCOB, ATMA, Sick Since, Aztech, Macabean the Rebel, Rage 617, The Jotaka, Amos the Ancient Prophet. (Vega X)

Empire of Fear LP feat. Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul Allah7, Sick Since, Mane Azeem, Highdro, EL*A*KWENTS, Relentless, Rage 617, The Jotaka, Stranga the Great.

with Production from: Ancient Productions (Amos the Ancient Prophet) Militiaman Productions (Macabean The Rebel) and Domingo

Official PXR Roster:
Guerrilla Alliance
VX: Heaven’s Assassin (Vega X)
Macabean The Rebel
EL*A*KWENTS (PXR debut project coming 2012)