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Jon Regul Exposed

For the past four years 36 year old white suburban rapper John Paul Riggio has been stalking us here at PXR. Throughout this time he has made two terrible “diss tracks” and written over 1000 emails to us, and literally every single person we know. At one point he even went as far as to email our affiliate’s place of work, not just his boss but every single one of his colleagues. That letter in which he named himself, and complained about a diss track written about him is posted below. While online trolling hiding behind different screen names on the website “youtube” John has stooped to the low of slandering mentally disabled children (posted below), making racist remarks about blacks and people of Hispanic ethnicity, and finally slandering his own homosexual brother in what is officially the worst “song” ever. While John prefers to hide behind online screen names and the facade of the “rap” persona he has created for himself, his inferiority complex and depression his driven him past being the most pathetic coward possibly imagined. Anyone who knows John in his personal life can now see him for what he really is, a racist homophobic hater who would rather embarrass himself and his family’s name publicly than be a real man and act like a grown adult. It should be noted while he claims to a be special Olympics coach in MA, the SOMA office has no record of him. Just another lie from the pathological liar? and If So then why would he go online and slander defenseless mentally disabled in a youtube comment for no reason? Take a look below, and you be the judge if John is the “Good Guy” that he pretends to say he is.

JP R Exposed

Letter sent by John to a friend’s boss at his job:

To whom it may concern,
My name is John Paul Riggio, I am a local musician from outside of Boston who is a Special Education Teacher, Special Olympics Coach, and a Father of two.
At random points past three years I have been receiving harassing emails from one of your employees.
Over time I have been disregarding the emails but a post recently is a song that he had recorded and posted on youtube. In the song, he states that he sells houses, and i’m a teacher etc. Some of my older emails were sent from your company email address as well which helped me find you, in order to let you know of the people who you have working for you.
I have also sent a letter to your local paper to inform them of this story as well, hoping to make aware that bullying is not just a teen issue . His name is Mr. boss and he works for the Realty Group. I will make sure that people will know this.
The song is where he states that he sells house and im a teacher etc…. i would like this justified in some manner, and i believe The telegraph as well would want justification for some one viciously attacking an innocent man and his family over music.

This letter is completely fabricated lies, and shows how obsessive and delusional John Paul Riggio is.

This blog will continue to be updated until John either 1). Stops stalking people online or 2). He is brought to justice for his actions. Just when you think someone could not stoop any lower, take a look at the sound clip below where calls his OWN brother gay on one of his diss tracks!!! He owes his brother an apology, as well as the people of the town of Stoneham, and the people of Boston and Massachusetts which he has disrespected with his pathetic cowardice and online hate mongering!

If you were disrespected by John’s racist and homophobic remarks, or his slander of mentally disabled children you can reach him at his email at: