Oath of the Sentinel (MC Therapist feat. VX: Heaven’s Assassin) (Socialized Anxiety LP)

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Tablet of Destiny LP out now on itunes feat. Hell Razah, LCOB, M-Eighty, Lone Ninja, PXR and more!

Tablet of Destiny LP is out now on itunes!!!

Featuring Hell Razah, The Lost Children of Babylon, M-Eighty, Lone Ninja, Mac the Rebel, EL*A*KWENTS, Irrefutable and more! This album is dedicated to David Crowley of the film “Gray State” and his family! R.I.P!

Check out “The Great Rift” on the PXR Tube feat. EL*A*KWENTS, Mac the Rebel and Irrefutable!


PXR President Update 10 (Tablet of Destiny LP, FEMA Hardcopies, Omega LP, Dark Rift, A Human Becoming ect!)

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Hell Hop Vol. 2 Mixtape get's a youtube release! (Hell Razah / GGO)

Let’s remember all of the victims of the North American Native holocaust on this day, support this mixtape and look out for Hell Razah’s “El Raziel” LP coming soon!