R.I.P David Crowley screenwriter and Director of "Gray State" film

It is with sadness and great despair that I write this post today. Our prayers go out to the family of David Crowley the writer & Director of the Gray State film project. David created a legendary and revolutionary concept trailer titled “Gray State Concept Trailer #1” which generated nearly a million views on youtube and worldwide interest. He was a talented musician, screenwriter, and Director. David was a combat veteran, and film student. He was kind enough to come on our radio show “Planet Resistance” film edition, and give us some behind the scenes insight to the Gray State project. Check out our interview with David, and the Gray State trailer below. We hope the project will be able to find a path forward in the memory of David and in honor of his hard work. The revolution truly lost one of it’s greatest warriors.

Ross “VX” Geraci, Associate Producer of “Gray State”

Planet X Radio Interview with David Crowley the writer / Director of "Gray State"

Audio file download also available on Res’ Ungov blog!

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