Furioso Road feat. Irrefutable & D.O.V.E (Guerrilla Alliance of PXR)

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Polar Opposites Mix CD

“Polar Opposites” is a PXR Mix Compilation ft. Various Artist of the PXR Roster. It is a spiritual sequel to the previous “Dimension X: 2012”. “Polar “Opposites” tackles the ‘Yin-Yang’ concept, total opposites of Light and Dark Sound combining as one Spiritual Revolutionary resonance. Some of these tracks you’ll love, yet some will hate what they are about, but that’s the beauty of this project. Album features all the PXR Camp: VX: Heaven’s Assassin (Guerrilla Alliance), Mac The Rebel (Guerrilla Alliance), El*A*Kwents, Alphabetik, & Irrefutable. Along with other Guest Appearences!


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PXR Update 12/2/16 with EL*A*KWENTS & Mac the Rebel (The Dark Rift, Polar Opposites and more)

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Independent, Underground Hip Hop by Planet X Records

Alphabetik | Debut Album COMING SOON!


El*A*Kwents – A Human Becoming | OUT NOW!

El*A*Kwents A Human Becoming

BUY NOW: http://elakwents.bandcamp.com/album/a-human-becoming


Guerrilla Alliance – Empire of Fear | OUT NOW!


BUY NOW: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/empire-of-fear/id669775426


Irrefutable – Omega: The End Rhymes | OUT NOW!


irrefutable omega the end rhymes

BUY NOW: https://theirrefutable.bandcamp.com/album/omega-the-end-rhymes-31-oct-2014-digitals-physicals


Mac the Rebel – F.E.M.A. | OUT NOW!

mac fema cover

BUY NOW: http://www.amazon.com/F-E-M-A-Evacuation-Merciless-Apocalypse-Explicit/dp/B00N4FVQ06


M.C. Therapist – The New World Disorder | COMING SOON!

M.C. Therapist - New World Disorder

BUY NOW: http://mctherapist.bandcamp.com/


The Celestial Order – Cosmic Code

tco cosmic code

BUY NOW: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/celestialorder


VX: Heaven’s Assassin – Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse

vx tablet of destiny secrets of the multiverse

BUY NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Tablet-Destiny-Multiverse-Heavens-Assassin/dp/B00SKMLQ3K

Rappers Blow Manhattan Project Wide Open by the Megaton!

El*A*Kwents – Manhattan Project featuring Alphabetik, Irrefutable, and VX: Heaven’s Assassin of Planet X Records LLC [Production Credits: Ocir Madsol Eno & Integrals]

Off the new El*A*Kwents Album – A Human Becoming, In-Stores Autumn 2014