Alphabetik is a MC from the North East and long time member of Planet X Records.  His dark  lyricism shines light on our past while bringing forth knowledge of the now. Musical influences include Killah Priest, Gravediggaz, Sunz of Man, Nas, Canibus, Gang Starr, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and more. While first being featured on “The Celestial Order” EP “The Cosmic Code” in 2013, he has been on numerous other projects as well. In 2017 he paired up for an international collaboration album called “Hidden by The Leaves” with a low-fi dynamic, this Kung Fu inspired album is unique and hard hitting.  In 2018 his first solo project dropped called “Alphahermetiks” LP, an exploration into the human psyche unlocking the limitless potential of the spirit. The content is reminiscent of renaissance  grimoires and conspiracy twisted chronologies that will force the listener through hip hop’s murky underground. Look out the for the album out now streaming everywhere on PXR!