The Cosmic Code – Celestial Order (VX & EL*A*KWENTS)

This EP is a next level reflection on the spiritual ascendancy of human consciousness post 2012 due to the galactic shift of Earth’s galaxy. Free your mind on this lyrical journey through the stars! It was a long time coming!

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The Celestial Order: The Cosmic Code EP
1). Gate of the Sun (Intro) Prod. Elakwents
2). War of the Damned feat. Macabean the Rebel prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet
3). Weapons of Mass Creation feat. Det The Bomb prod. Macabean The Rebel
4). Gods of the Golden Tears Feat. The Jotaka & Alphabetik Prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet
5). Cosmic Consciousness Feat. Irrefutable Prod. Macabean The Rebel
6). The God Particle prod. Macabean the Rebel
7). The Cosmic Code (Outro) Prod Elakwents

Executive Producers: VX: Heaven’s Assassin & El*A*KWENTS

Co-produced by Mac the Rebel

Copyright Planet X Records LLC / Planet X Empire BMI