Vee Eye (V.I.) 420: The Chronicles Of Vince Price

Namebrand/Planet X Records artist/producer/and co-founder, Vee Eye (V.I.) has left a legacy of hard work and grafted his legendary status as one of the greatest West Coast emcees/producers to grace the mic. This Free Mix CD is part of his body of work. Named 420, for its release date and it’s representation of the ‘type of music to get high to when listening’. This is his one of his truest, and last dedication project. Anything else duplicated, replicated, or unauthorized is purely fraudulent (READ THE BACK COVER DISCLAIMER).Rest In Paradise to Vincent John Sotelo, a.k.a. Vee Eye (V.I.) a.k.a. V.I.N.C.

Track List
1. Mobb Life (DJ Premier Intro)
2. 3 Clips
3. It’s Goin Down ft. P Double
4. Violence
5. Phrictional Frat
6. Hi Powered Mercenariez ft. Assassin
7. Duck Down (V.I.)
8. Don’t Say Shit
9. Verbal Shellshock ft. Absyrd
10. Get That Dough
11. Coo Coo
12. 805 Shit
13. Change ft. Duce Luciano
14. 3 Amigos (3 Beats)
15. Bounce Em Up
16. One Night Stand
17. Out the Trunk ft. Duce Luciano
18. G-Men
19. Valentine’s Day Massacre
20. We Got It ft. Duce Luciano
21. Listen Up
22. Conjoined
23. Reppin’
24. Listen Up (Remix)