Want to join Planet X Radio?

Planet X Records are seeking people interested in joining the team who would like to do their own talk show or underground/independent music show.

All you need is a mic, SAM broadcaster, and a spare 2hrs or more a week to do a show. If its a music show you wish to do then please have a sufficient library to cover your chosen styles.

Talk Radio
Music reviews, interviews, movies reviews, permaculture, history, politics, or if you see something not listed then contact us & ask!

Music Shows
We are an UG Hip Hop label & we also feature UG punk/hardcore on PX Radio so we are very open minded regarding music.

If its underground & independent music then its cool with PXR.

UG Hip Hop
UG Punk/HC
UG Metal
Anything UG


More information & F.A.Q.s then visit: http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/p/want-to-join-px-radio.html